Would you prefer to work one-to-one with me? Privates are great as it allows us to specifically focus on your body and what you need, maybe you have a goal in mind or perhaps you've been out of class for a long time and need a little help getting back into the groove. For inquiries please send me a message at so we can discuss in detail what it is you are looking for and how I can help you achieve this! 

Sessions could be organised with friends too!

Interested in organising private group classes?
I have worked for offices around London where they would organise an early AM group session for all employees to enjoy. It's a great way to kick start your team's day with a boost of energy and a good mood. Apart from that it's a lot of fun to partake in a class all together! Especially now that we are all working from home it can get quite lonely, we have the occasional meeting with the team, but joining in all together to do a group class online is a whole different experience. Motivate your colleges to keep moving at home and have something to look forward to as a break in your day!