Hi everyone,


Thank you so much for coming to train with me! I'm looking forward to having you in class and can't wait for you to feel the burn! ūüĒ•

I use a booking platform where you will have your own account and can book on for classes.

Classes are being held through the Zoom App, this is a very easy to use online video-call platform that will let me see everyone in class too!

Instructions on how to access classes:

Joining Pilates Peach - in 4 easy steps

1. On your phone or laptop, download the app called ZOOM. It is free and very easy to use. You can use the mobile app or set it up on the desktop and make an account for yourself: 

2. Book onto class here straight from the timetable

3. You will receive a link for that specific class with your booking confirmation as well as a 1-hr reminder before the class.

4. Get ready for class 5 minutes prior by setting up your mat and grabbing your props. Simply click the link in your email and you'll be redirected to our online class room. See you there!

How long is the class?
Depending on the class it will be 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Most classes will be full body workouts, with Booty Burn having a strong emphasise on legs and bum.

Lunchtime classes are 45 minutes, a great way to get a quick, cheeky workout in.


Do I need equipment?
A mat or something soft to lie on, a small towel and grab some water. If you happen to have a flex band and pilates ball or ring you can have them with you.


Please note that we follow a 12-hour cancellation policy, no refunds will be given to cancelled or rescheduled bookings with less than 12 hours notice before the booked class.


I'm very open to client feedback, and if I get enough requests I can extend classes or add in extra sessions.Your ideas, requests and feedback are always welcome; simply contact me on