Are you ready to workout with me? First things first, my name is Melissa Eleni, I founded Pilates Peach in 2017 when I moved to London from Amsterdam. I come from a dance background which led me to find the Pilates method.

In 2015 I had to drop out of my dance education due to really bad chronic injuries, I was unable to train and was advised to give up dancing as a whole. I've had 3 surgeries since and worked very hard on rehab. I started doing Pilates classes and it helped me feel so much stronger and more in tune with my body. I learned how to counter balance my flexibility with strength and I can honestly say that I feel stronger now than when I was in full time dance training! Pilates did that for me! There is this mind body connection that you start to develop that will help you move with more ease, more control, more grace.

I decided to do a Pilates course to dive deeper into my own training, and while I was initially there for myself, I discovered how much I love to help people by teaching. I love helping people feel stronger, more confident, more aware and at home in their own bodies. Although I teach a wide variety of techniques, Pilates will always be my favourite thing. I keep the movement principles at the centre of anything I do. I truly believe everyone and anyone can benefit from this beautifully designed method. It will complement whatever else it is you do to stay active in your life! It simply makes you feel badass! I've mainly been teaching offline over the past few years, but due to the current situation and me not being able to see my clients I decided to take my business online. I know a lot of us are working from home now and I wanted to make it as easy as possible to get in a quick workout to keep movement as a part of our day!

I'm loving the online class environment on Zoom as I can see you all and it kind of feels like we are all together. It's lovely to see your faces pop up on screen! 

Thanks to all my lovely clients who have been taking part in the online classes so far! You have no idea how much teaching classes to you has helped me get through these crazy times! I'm so happy to be able to stay connected with my clients and I'm so excited to meet new people along the way!

♥️♥️ if you are wondering, yes I got back into dancing and am really grateful I can move freely again ♥️♥️